Primary Care

Primary Care
Primary Care services offered in Copperfield, Houston, TX

Caring for the health needs of you and your family is the priority of primary care. At Copperfield Family Clinic in Houston, Texas, Dr. Regina Ottan-Obi, FNP, DNP, provides primary care services for adults and children, including sick visits, routine physicals, COVID-19 testing, and chronic disease management. Through primary care, Dr. Regina Ottan-Obi focuses on protecting your long-term wellness and providing customized care for injuries, acute illnesses, and chronic diseases. Call the office to schedule a primary care appointment or book a consultation online today. 

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

Primary care describes medical services that address all your health and wellness needs, including managing acute illnesses, injuries, and chronic diseases.

Copperfield Family Clinic provides high-quality primary care services for the whole family. Children and adults can meet with Dr. Regina Ottan-Obi in the office for routine visits or connect with her online through the virtual telehealth platform.

Which primary care services are available?

Copperfield Family Clinic provides primary care services that address many acute and chronic health issues. Available services include:

  • Physicals
  • Sick visits
  • Bloodwork
  • Allergy testing
  • COVID-19 testing
  • Neurological testing
  • Chronic disease management

You should schedule a primary care consultation to have ongoing access to medical care and preventive health services. Establishing a relationship with an experienced primary care provider like Dr. Regina Ottan-Obi supports your long-term physical and mental wellness.

Dr. Regina Ottan-Obi also makes urgent care appointments available if you suffer an injury or illness that needs immediate medical attention.

If you’re too sick to travel to the office for an evaluation, you can connect with Dr. Regina Ottan-Obi virtually through the telehealth platform available on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

What happens during a primary care visit?

As part of your initial primary care visit at Copperfield Family Clinic, Dr. Regina Ottan-Obi reviews your personal and family medical histories and answers any questions about your health or existing symptoms.

During a sick visit for an illness or injury, Dr. Regina Ottan-Obi completes a physical exam and may order blood testing or other lab work to assess your health. She can prescribe medications and suggest home remedies you can use to feel better.

If you have an existing condition such as diabetes or asthma that requires ongoing care, Dr. Regina Ottan-Obi discusses your options for treatment. She provides chronic disease management, monitoring your progress with medications and other therapies to ensure your condition is well-controlled.

When you’re in otherwise good health, Dr. Regina Ottan-Obi can still recommend lifestyle changes and diet improvements to optimize your wellness. She also helps you schedule routine preventive medicine visits to lower your risk of chronic health complications.

Call Copperfield Family Clinic to schedule a primary care consultation or book an appointment online today.